This is Paco. He adores popcorn and long walks in the woods. Also pictured is a pair of red shoes.

Nicci is a graduate of Northern Kentucky University (BFA Studio Art, Masters in English). Between research, novel revisions, poetic alchemy, reading, retreats, and caring for roomies, rescue dogs, and rescue kitties, she makes art, edits the literary magazine Sugared Water, and runs Porkbelly Press (a micro press in Cincinnati, OH). She is also the editor and maker of several zines, including the body image zine LMLMB.


All That Pins the Soul (process), monotype, acrylic, & mixed media, 10.5 x 17 inches – Nicci Mechler

Materials in her artwork often include things like: plywood, carpet tacks, spray paint, gold leaf, acrylic paint, gelatin plates, found paper, copper wire, screens, squeegees, thread, and glue.

Nicci has been: a jeweler, zinester, fine art frame painter, freelance web designer, librarian’s assistant, cashier, impatient daughter, printmaker, ceramic sculptor, editor-in-chief, art director, instructor, and curator.


This is Momo. He really doesn’t like cameras, but he does like the chewing up of flip flops. He likes it a lot.

She is addicted to iced chai lattes, secrets, bright blue nail polish, and finely made poetry chapbooks.


NKU’s Main Gallery – Nicci’s work & a visitor photobombing, Feb 2013

Most recently, she’s placed poems in literary magazines & shown her art with some fantastic printmakers. Her first poetry chapbook, Deep in Flesh, is forthcoming (dancing girl press, Chicago).


Spike does not f*ck around. When he wants cuddles, he burrows under the covers whether you like it or not.

Of all the things Nicci believes in, it is the necessity of art and expression that is nearest her heart. She believes in creativity as a vehicle of growth. Art is necessary. Speculative fiction saves lives—yes, this includes comic books and space operas on television.


Faith is often torn between kissing for snacks and the wholesale destruction of property.

In a perfect world, Audre Lorde and Joseph Campbell would sit down over a few pints of Mudder’s Milk to speak about the way our dreams and magic connect us all, teach us all—the way both are vital to a full and vibrant expression and expansion of culture & self.


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