What’s pink & shiny / what’s dark & hard

This chapbook of gorgeous body poems was written by Sarah B. Boyle. It was my honor to design & produce a cover for it. Happily, peonies started blooming a week before I set out to make the cover, and by the time I decided to use them, I had both fresh & decayed flowers. When transferring them to the scanner bed for a little scanograph action, the rotten one exploded all over the bed. It worked out, right?

There’s a rhythm and a lyricism to Sarah’s poems that draw you in from the first. She talks about things like jail and love, blood and friendship, abortion and medicine and sex. These are poems of and about the female body. Linked poems weave a narrative close enough to be a secret whispered on the phone at 2am, full of sustained and blooming image. Read them if you’ve ever loved a woman, particularly if that woman is you. |  learn more

This book is from the 2015 series of chapbooks via Porkbelly Press (porkbellypress.tumblr.com).


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