Wish Eater

Spring has brought with it some (actual!) warm weather and mud and pool fillin’, cooler draggin’, backyard business. With that biz comes at least one kid every weekend. This one’s just turned 2 and has yet to master some of the finer points of things like making wishes on dandelions.

Getting muddy? Check. Stripping off the diaper and running around like a very short wild man, check. Throwing everything into the baby pool including everyone’s drinks? Yep. Blowing seed puffs off of a little stem? Yeah, no. He just sort of pummels himself with the seeds whilst making a kissy-face.

You want a high five, though, and he’s got you covered.

I was once a portrait photographer. I love human images. Might be time to get back to a little bit of that.

I find photos of children to be endlessly entertaining. They make the best faces, don’t you think? At this age, you can teach them so many new things every day. Buddha is pictured below. Here are some snaps in natural light made with a little point and shoot (Lumix).

Shrieks and giggles blow through the window on the breeze, so I usually don’t get any art or press stuff done while the backyard is full. That’s ok. Come on by and roast some marshmallows with us.

Artists, we’ve got sidewalk chalk. Loads.


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