Prospect, Kentucky

An old barn on the grounds of the Hopscotch House, a women-only retreat made possible by the Kentucky Foundation for Women. The farmhouse is situated between fields and is within walking distance of a little waterfall and creek, past a pond and small family cemetery. (Photographed in October 2012.)

This photo appeared (in black and white) in volume 30 of the Journal of Kentucky Studies. I received my contributor copy yesterday, and thought it might be a good time to post the photo here in color. 🙂

Below are other images from the same trip.

Hopscotch House is a quiet, welcoming place to create in solitude, or with other artists, writers, and activists. I’ve taken several poetry retreats on the grounds, always with fellow poets, and it was there that Hilda, Wendy, Kristin and I wrote two chapbook manuscripts. in these cups, the first of the two, is due out from Dancing Girl Press (Chicago) later this year. how wild and soft you are, our second, is under consideration now.

We find that it’s a fantastic place to decompress, to write together, cook together (full kitchen!), and to just get away from the every day noise of everything else. If, say, the power should go out in the middle of the night, there’s a fireplace to keep warm, plenty of flashlights, and we suggest bringing with you a bottle of bourbon, just in case.


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