Sugared Water 002

Sugared Water literary magazine, issue #002 via Porkbelly Press
Nicci & Jonathan (WickedLittleHeart), April 2014

Each cover is a hand-pulled screen print (yup, we wrap our journals in art).

This method is a rainbow roll, which means the colors in the design vary from print to print, across a custom palette. This is a fancy way of saying each pass of the squeegee rolls the ink to blend it, creating an ever-shifting gradient. Our starting colors were white, yellow, and red. Some covers are predominantly yellow, some heavily peach, some mostly red, but all in a gradient in varying intensity. Some are incredibly smooth, some mottled, some a bit streaky. No two are exactly the same, but all are overlaid in metallic gold.

Once bound collected, these books area handsewn and numbered. The guts are composed of poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction. | more info

Inks: Speedball acrylics (metallic gold, medium yellow, red, and white).
Paper: 105# recycled stock (100% recycled, 20% PCW)
Edition of: 195


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