Tripletta Opens May 9, Covington Arts Center

Tripletta opens May 9 and runs through June 27 at the Covington Arts Center. The opening is May 9 from 6-9pm.

This is the second stop for this group show. The miniature works are ATC size (2.5 x 3.5 inches) and vary in media. The artists range in age and experience, and since this is one of my favorite working sizes, I’m particularly pleased to be part of the show. It’s curated by Paige Wideman.

If you’d like a glimpse at the show as it appeared when it opened in Louisville, you can check out the website.

My pieces are acrylic, watercolor, gesso, micron, and ink with dip pen and stamping found objects. Scraping paint and layering back up is one of my favorite techniques for ridiculously candy colored backgrounds. The brighter the colors, the more likely it is that I made the pieces in cold months to ward off seasonal grumpiness.

This show opens with two others at the Covington Arts Center (27 West 7th Street, Covington). The space is fantastic, with lots of light, and is run by some pretty great people. If you can, stop by on May 9th for the opening, and say hello. 🙂


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