Love Me, Love My Belly: a body image zine

Love Me, Love My Belly no. 1 is now available via Wicked Little Heart & Porkbelly Press.

60 pages • half-size • bound by hand • 6 poets • 6 essayists • 2 artists
(cover photo—Holga!—is mine, model: Liz)

LMLMB contains both essays and poetry examining what it’s like to live in the human body.

From the website:

Love Me, Love My Belly is an annual print zine dedicated to the acceptance of self and imperfection as beauty. It’s about the space between us, our differences, our scars, our wobbly bits, and our power as it relates to the bodies we live in.

Abigail Bautista, Cathy Bryant, Patricia Budd, Valentina Cano, Alexandra Caselle, Suzanne C. Cole, Shawna Ervin, Camille Griep, Susan Grier, Catherine Lanser, Amasa Guy Larkins, Nicci Mechler, Danial Powers, and Melissa Wiley.

Excerpt from “Naked Ladies” by Camille Griep:

And it’s true: we really are beautiful. The fat ones and the skinny ones. The dark ones and the light ones. The ones with the big black bushy bushes and the ones with the sparkling navel rings. The ones with the muffin tops and the ones with the sagging hips. The ones with perfect, bobbing breasts and the woman with just one breast, paired with a scar bigger than my outstretched hand.

Excerpt from “Fear” by Valentina Cano:

I rattle, / bones on metal, / the force if the zipper’s trail / up and down turning my body / into train tracks / through which this can only pass.


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