50/50 Aftermath

She Saved Hearts - Nicci Mechler

Detail – She Saved Hearts, Nicci Mechler

Five of my She series works—5.25 x 5 inch pieces—hung in the 50/50 Art Show and Sale (Artisan Enterprise Center, Covington, KY). This series began as a set of relief prints examining various personas. These women represent figures in my life, and they are defined by an action habitually taken. Each features handwritten words (on shrinky dink) with a phrase beginning with “She.”

I planned to watercolor flat prints on paper, but in the process of printing, I came across some fusing and bright fabric pieces in my studio. (Never know what you’re gonna find in there.) The hand spun yarn was a gift from my friend Amylynn, and Mom gifted me the vintage buttons. Shrinky dink just happens on its own—it’s that cool. The following ladies were born:

She series, Nicci Mechler

She series, Nicci Mechler

Media include: paper, watercolor, hand spun yarn, vintage buttons, upholstery thread, printed cotton, shrinky dink, ink, upholstery thread, interfacing, and glass. They’re mounted on black core with D-hooks and decorative metal tacks. Signed and titled on the verso.

Clockwise from top left:
“She Fell to Pieces” (Sold.)
“She Worshipped the Mocha” (Sold.)
“She Saved Hearts”
“She Loved” (Sold.)
“She Remembers Him”
“She Collected Thoughts” (Sold.)

Hand Carved Pieces & Tools - She series, Nicci Mechler

Hand Carved Pieces & Tools – She series, Nicci Mechler

Each piece is carved as a stamp from soft Speedball Speedy Cut blocks. Though easy to cut, these blocks are a bit too soft for large pieces, and tend to get crumbly when treated too harshly. Though easy to cut, they’re also quite easy to over cut. Still, they’re one of the best options (along with with the pink Speedy Carve blocks) for pieces under 4 inches.

Though rubber blocks dull them quickly, I favor wood carving tools over speedball lino tools.

Feel free to check out my previous post about the 50/50 show w/ postcard & more info.


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